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Steve          singer | songwriter | compere | host


Liverpool, UK


Parr Street Studios

33-45 Parr Street

Liverpool L1 4JN

Sunday 20 October 2013








‘Steve Macfarlane has a fabulous voice’ Neil Sedaka

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Between working for a large American technology firm, writing songs with Billy Hui and Peter Grant and hosting events Steve Macfarlane is an amazing singer.

Liverpool based Steve Macfarlane has now recorded 2 albums. His debut album was a covers version and the second was written by Steve, Billy Hui and Peter Grant with contributions from Gary Millar.  Both Steve and Gary are co-owners with Thomas Lang of Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios.

Bookings.  You can book Steve for all sorts of special occasions, charity shows or TV appearances either by contacting him via email on stevemacfarlane@me.com or his Facebook Friends page or via Twitter.

Steve was born in Greenock, Scotland now shares his time between Liverpool and London & overseas. Steve is a talented tenor with a broad range, one minute soft & sweet, the next strong and soaring. Steve sings blues, swing, jazz, rock and pop.  Inspired by idols Neil Sedaka, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett and songwriters George Gershwin, Cole Porter & Irvin Berlin. He has released 2 albums - "54 a moment in time" and the self-penned "Happy Daze". He recently sang and appeared in the BBC's hit TV series "Moving On".

He has also performed for multi-million selling Neil Sedaka & Michael Bolton.  Mr Sedaka remarked “Steve you have a fabulous voice”.

You can see Steve perform on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Liverpool’s STUDIO2. more...

The poem Never The Right Time was written by Peter Grant and inspired Steve & Billy to write this new song. The amended words are Steve’s and the music created by Steve and Billy.

Peter Grant newest poem Jaded Juggler has inspired Steve and Billy Hui to write this new song.  The amended words are Steve’s whilst the music has been created by Steve and Billy.

'Happy Daze - an album to be proud of’ Gilbert O'Sullivan